Orquidea Ad Network Review-AdSense Alternative

Orquidea Ad Network Review

Introduction of Orquidea.ai

The Best Adsense Alternative is the Orquidea Ad network, it offers publishers a platform to monetize their digital content very effectively. It also offers us a wide range of Ad formats including superior targeting options and competitive revenue shares.

 Benefits of Orquidea Ad Network: Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers

  • Multiple Ad formats

Orquidea Ad network can provide a wide range of Ad formats that other ad networks cannot provide. So that it enables the publishers to select one of the best formats that can be best for their websites and is by their audience’s preferences.

  • Competitive revenue shares

How can we generate revenue? This is one of the questions that come into every publisher’s mind so Orquidea also ensures you competitive revenue shares, besides this, it is also an amazing platform for increasing earning potential because of which it is an attractive platform for those who are looking for higher returns.

  • Flexible payment options

Most of the publishers rely on payments so they look for an ad network that offers flexible payment options for them. So if you are also looking for such an ad network then the Orquidea ad network is best for you because that offers you flexible payment options throughout the globe.

  • User-friendly interface

The most important quality that you want in an ad network is that it must be user-friendly so that it can be easily handled and that is the quality of Orquidea ad network. It lets its users monitor its performance as well as its earnings on the ad network.

  • Stringent Quality Control  

Orquidea network tries its best to maintain its standards for its ads and also it ensures its publishers do not have irrelevant ads on their websites. Ad network for a movie website not only allows the publishers to improve their websites but also improve the experience of the users and prevent them from any irrelevant ads.

Ad Formats in Orquidea Network

Orquidea offers multiple ad format for the publishers, It offers Push AD , Native AD and Display AD . In my opinion the Display ad is one of the best ad format for increasing ad revenue.

Orquidea Earning Dashboard

Limitations for Orquidea over Adsense: Orquidea.ai Reviews & Scams

Besides the very benefits of the Orquidea ad network, some limitations of this network result in inconvenience for the publishers. These limitations are:

  • Orquidea contains only a limiting number of publishers so it has lower earnings than larger networks.
  • Orquidea also has a lesser ability to reach a specific audience than other larger networks.
  • This network also has higher payment cycles than other networks makes it inconvenient for the publishers
  • Orquidea is also a new network and it can’t provide more resources to the publishers than other networks.
  • The quality of the ad varies on the Orquidea ad network as compared to the other networks which results in an inconvenient platform for the publishers.
  • The user interface and reporting tools on the Orquidea are not as comprehensive as those offered by other networks

Payment Method in Orquidea Ad Network

There are multiple payment methods in the Orquidea Ad Network and the best part is that this ad network provide payment in cryptocurrencies (USDT TRC20) also. Check the below image for payment options.

So before using the Orquidea ad network, you must learn about Orquidea.ai Reviews & Scams which gives you comprehensive information about this network. You can find an answer to the question Is Orquidea.ai Legit or a Scam?

How to apply for Orquidea Ad Network ?

  • Sign Up For OrquideaClick here
  • Submit this form (Check the below image)

After submission you will receive mail from Orquidea and one of the team members will provide you the Ads.txt file then you have to put ads.txt file in your website.

Then your website will be going to review after couple of days you will get approval from their side.

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In the era of AdSense, Orquidea ad network is providing an alternative ad network for users that is easy to use and user friendly although there are some limitations, its benefits are more than its limitations and so they are preferred by many publishers in their websites.

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