Humana insurance health insurance

In the 1960s, Humana commenced its journey as a nursing home enterprise, rapidly ascending to become the largest in the United States. Over the subsequent three decades, the company underwent a significant transformation. It officially rebranded as Humana, emerging as the foremost hospital operator nationwide and introducing its own health insurance schemes. Subsequently,

Humana strategically shifted its emphasis exclusively to managed healthcare plans, divesting its hospital division. Presently, Humana Inc stands as a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Kentucky, solidifying its position as one of the nation’s premier health insurance entities.

Humana offers a wide array of health insurance options for individuals and families, including HMO, PPO, and high-deductible plans compatible with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). They also provide coverage for dental, vision, and other ancillary health needs. For seniors, Humana is one of the largest providers of Medicare Advantage plans in the country.

A key focus for Humana is developing integrated care delivery models that emphasize preventive care and improved health outcomes through coordination of care. For example, their Humana At Home program provides in-home primary care for seniors dealing with complex, chronic conditions. Humana has also invested heavily in data analytics to identify gaps in care and tailor health plans and wellness incentives towards addressing members’ specific needs.

In recent years, Humana has developed a strong reputation for customer satisfaction due to flexibility in plan options, wellness programs and health coaching, and transparent, easily accessible information about coverage, costs, and providers. Humana also has consumer-friendly online and mobile resources to make it simpler for members to manage their plans and health spending.

As one of the top health insurers nationwide with over 16 million members, Humana will continue to leverage its size, data-driven insights, and customer-focused approach to expand insurance coverage and deliver better health outcomes across diverse populations. The aging of America also positions Humana well for sustained growth in Medicare Advantage as more and more baby boomers cross the 65 threshold.

Additionally, Humana has been focused on home-based senior care services through its non-insurance subsidiaries like Kindred at Home. It aims to address gaps for aging Americans around transportation, meals, personal care, mobility assistance and more. With 10,000 care centers across the country, Humana can provide support services to further its mission of helping members live healthier independent lives. Between insurance plans and direct care offerings, Humana is assembling the analytics, coordination, and patient access pieces to deliver more integrated solutions.

Finally, Humana stands out with its friendly customer service reputation and easy-to-use tools for members. It provides detailed online provider directories, treatment cost comparison tools, and platforms to quickly access ID cards, speak with nurses, and manage prescriptions. For a large insurer, these conveniences help drive very high member retention year after year. Combined with its coordinated clinical programs, it adds up to an excellent member experience.